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After three days of meetings, here you are the different reactions of the different members of Dakar forum, organized by International land Coalition.

Penza Manza from Zambia

It has been a tremendous piece of voice put together by the secretary. I think, I am very happy to be here. There are different interactions by the stakeholders. We shared experience between the different members and different participants. There are a little bit of limit. But the land process must be taken into account by the actors in the future. My recommendation, it would be   to encourage the organization, I was sometimes lost. But many things are well done. We are very satisfied.

Doctor Luna Penda India

I had a lot of land experience with different people. I work from geological project. I participated to many sessions. We presented a break session yesterday. It is a very good forum, I share a lot of experience with many people. But when we talk about land, it should be something inclusive. Everybody should be included as well women as young people. They have right to express their ideas and squeeze out what they feel.

Lillian Bruce Ghana civil society Coalition on land

It is a very good platform for discussion with coordinator. It brings experience (land governance, land lost: in Asia, Africa and in America) It is more than discussion in issues land policies and right. The law is used to interpret some kinds of process which are disfavor for some communities. The governments have to speed up their structure and mechanisms. We discuss about the actions. But there is not a collective action taking our claiming. Many opinions were given. So for the next forum, we could achieve the different point of view.

Cheikh Malick Coly Senegal Journalist Le soleil newspaper

It is a place of exchange. Many continents: America or Europe have already solved the land questions. But  Africa is  Still lagging behind. We have to bear on mind that today, many wars stem from the land questions and water. I think, i don’t have any recommendations to do. However it is important to include the traditional chiefs, women and children.

Amadou Camara Gueyes


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